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Tony is clearly at the top of his game, his work with my Samsung LED LCD TV and blu-ray player was of the highest quality, taking it from the barely watchable factory settings to an amazingly crystal clear and detail rich picture. His customer service is exemplary with no question too big or too small to answer. -Sam
I highly recommend Tony O'Brien, if you are considering having your TV calibrated. Tony is a true professional who knows his stuff. Tony has calibrated my Fujitsu and my Parents Panasonic plasma with excellent improvements. The final result was a smoother picture with greater detail and accurate colours resulting in a more realistic and natural picture. -Gus
I have had 2 televisions calibrated by Tony, all I can say is you are not seeing your movies in their fullest potential and glory until you have had an ISF calibration. Once a calibration is done the colour, contrast and image ‘pops’ in a way that no amount of tweaking I did could achieve. On my last TV I was unable to get a pure white, it was a pale yellow no matter how I adjusted the colour balance. Tony at Clarity Calibration adjusted that and I now get a perfect white balance. -Jonas
After having my TV calibrated by Tony I straightaway noticed that the picture was much more detailed, the blacks were deeper and the colors look very natural. It's now hard to watch a TV that hasn't been calibrated. I have been recommending everyone I know who purchases a new TV to have it calibrated.
After planning and executing a fairly ambitious home theatre project, an often overlooked step can be calibration. I made the choice to bring in Tony to calibrate my JVC X-95R projector, and he did not disappoint. The results were stunning, but more importantly the service provided by Clarity AV was amazing. The professionalism and knowledge was second to none, and on top of this, Tony's friendliness and approachability made it a pleasure to have him in our home.

Clarity audio & video calibration provides an ISF Certified Video Calibration service that will fine tune every aspect of your LED/LCD, OLED, Plasma TV or Projector’s picture controls. By using professional grade software and accurate calibration instruments, you can expect:

  • A more natural looking picture
  • Improved detail
  • More life-like colours
  • A greater sense of depth

Every detail, every colour, just as the film makers intended it….