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CalibratingClarity audio & video calibration was registered as a business on 01 April 2010. Its proprietor, Tony O’Brien is an ISF Certified Calibrator who is passionate about home theatre and film. While initially offering calibrations services almost exclusively to home theatre owners, clarity audio & video calibration has since expanded its offerings to post-production companies working in advertising, television and film.

If you’ve ever talked to him about calibration, or seen him working, its obvious Tony is very passionate about what he does and has an eye for detail when it comes to display calibration. His passion and professionalism, has both built strategic relationships with home theatre stores and individual clients, who continue to refer work to him.

In 2013 Tony began writing for Stereo Net and has since contributed articles about emerging display technologies (such as 4K) and product reviews with a focus on the visual medium of home theatre.