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The Calibration Process

Clarity audio & video calibration offers an instrument based, ISF Certified calibration service to home theatre owners and post-production facilities alike. Calibration instruments (i1pro2 spectrophotometer and i1 Display Pro colorimeter) are used in conjunction with measurement software, to provide a high level of accuracy and obtain real-time feedback from the monitor, television or projector.

Although the calibration process and time required will vary (we ask you allow a minimum of 3 hours), depending on the display type (OLED, LED/LCD, Plasma or Projector), brand and its application (home theatre or professional), the following is an overview of the calibration process:

  • Brightness – achieve the darkest blacks and bring out detail in dark scenes.
  • Contrast – obtain the right level of brightness and bring out detail in bright scenes and highlights.
  • Backlight – match the brightness to the viewing environment, while maintaining dark blacks.
  • Sharpness – create an image that is neither to sharp or soft and free of ringing or halo artefacts.
  • Aspect Ratio – correct image geometry sizing will also improve resolution.
  • Motion – adjust motion controls to create more natural movement that is neither too smooth nor ‘jerky’.
  • Greyscale/Colour Temperature – create a neutral white greyscale/colour temperature, (D65 white point, 6500K) which will give a more natural image and open the door to more accurate colour reproduction.
  • Gamma – maximise picture depth, eliminate unwanted picture noise without obscuring detail in dark scenes.
  • Colour Management System – create a colour profile (gamut) that will bring out more life-like colour and a new level of detail (Rec. 709).
  • Image Verification – use actual viewing material to confirm results.


“There is no substitute for onsite professional calibration.”

Joel Silver, Co-Founder The Imaging Science Foundation (ISF). Widescreen Review presents Imaging Science Theater 2000